6 YouTube Playlists that will make you a JavaScript Developer for Free.

Updated: Mar 29

Namaste JavaScript by Akshay Saini

Namaste JavaScript is a pure in-depth JavaScript Course released for Free on YouTube. It will cover the core concepts of JavaScript in detail and everything about how JS works behind the scenes inside the JavaScript engine. Here's in full Playlist of this course. Don't miss any video and watch it in sequence. 🙏 Namaste JavaScript Video tutorials will dive deep into JavaScript and the internals of how code is executed under the hood. If you understand the core fundamentals of JavaScript, it will help you become a better developer. You will know exactly how things are working and won't run into unexpected errors

JavaScript Playlist by Dave Gray

JavaScript Tutorials for Beginners video series to help you learn and understand the basics of JS.

JavaScript Playlist by Steve Griffith

Introductory to Intermediate level JavaScript lessons.

JavaScript Playlist by Net Ninja

Javascript DOM tutorial

JavaScript Playlist by Net Ninja

Vanilla Javascript


JavaScript playlist has many tutorials by different instructors

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