My Interview With Smitha M V

Updated: Mar 30

Mrs. Smitha M V is an Indian IT industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in leadership positions in Wipro. In her long and inspiring career at Wipro she played multidimensional roles encompassing functions across delivery, pre-sales, competency building, social learning, gig working model, entity integration and culture evangelization.

She is now part of NASSCOM Future skills initiative with a mission to change the way India is reskilling its digital talent pool at national Level.

In this interview she shares her some very interesting perspectives on how her career moved from being interested in Literature to creating Embedded systems and then to Enterprise solutions and delivery. She created open source community in Wipro and has shared her perspectives on how social learning has revolutionized technical learning. She has some amazing advice to young people on building their careers.

Please listen in to enjoy our conversation on these and many more interesting topics!

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