My Interview with Raagini Chadha

Updated: Mar 30

Raagini is in the business of humanizing technology and striving to improve the interactive experience between humans and virtual agents by designing around the human mind.

She works on Conversational AI Design for enterprises. Her work is at the intersection of User Experience, Language, Technology, and Business. She builds effective and efficient solutions, to automate business processes.

As a design leader, she engages with clients to understand their digital strategy, business goals, technology ecosystems, and user base. She aligns efforts on choosing what to automate, designing use-cases, implementing solutions, with the goal to boost adoption, and delivers value to the business via improved experience and reduced costs.

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In this interview she shares her unique perspectives on why conversational design is critical for improved user experience in the present digital world. She shared her own career journey on how a major in English can play a very critical role in a Niche space like Artificial intelligence (AI) .Every time an AI system is designed, it needs to be humanized through conversational design. Most importantly, she shares some great advice to people who are just starting their careers to get a head start in AI. Listen in for an interesting conversation between her and me on some of these interesting topics!

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